For lyrics/demos, PDF lead sheets of many other Taveau’s leader praise songs

NOTE: Made a few word changes after recording the demo..but the words beneath are RIGHT

Lead sheet is currently being revised..

I TURN TO YOU (C)2012 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights

Song filed with www.CCLI.com

“I tried all of this(as in the song words)..and it really WORKS!”

V. 1. I turn to You…. When the pressures are so strong

I turn to You, When every battle takes so long

You’re unchanging, You’re amazing

When I don’t know what to do

Because You’re there inside my heart…I turn to You.

2. I turn to You: You’re My Comfort and Close Friend

I turn to You, When I don’t know who I am

You’re amazing, You’re unchanging

You’re the peace inside You my heart

And through every doubt and fear …..I turn to You.

3. I turn on You: Every night and every day

I turn You, All along Life’s narrow Way

You’re amazing You’re unchanging:

You’re the peace inside my heart,

Through every twist and turn

(C)2012 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved