BACK STORY  OF THIS PARTICULAR SONG:  In 2003 I was still living on, enduring, the East Coast, in a very regional religious minded area.  In 2003 I flew out to the Great Land of TEXAS  to visit my sister in law’s family and my dear Mother. While I was there, I had always loved Bishop TD Jake’s ministry on television. It had meant a powerful LOT  to me personally, during that time segment of  many exceeding long term, anguishing deep trials…


While on this family trip,  God‘s Spirit directed me to go out there to worship at the Potter’s House, Dallas. It also just HAPPENED to be the Sunday when the Bishop was apparently doing his ministry DARNDEST to be DIVERSE and CROSS CULTURAL. For there on the ministry pulpit stage, I saw the  hip modern,  FROSTED- BLONDE CAUCASIAN Country and Western Rock TRIO accompanied by the African American worship team  LINE DANCERS all dressed in their “Boot Scoot Boogie” Cowboy boots and hats.


I marveled and fully EMPATHIZED with the immense SPIRITUAL WARFARE, CULTURAL WARFARE  which (presumably) the very global, very multifaceted TD Jakes must’ve repeatedly encountered, AND I  really RESPECTED as well as deeply APPRECIATED… as well as inwardly marveled, even humorously, (was pleasantly tickled ) at what I had SEEN on the stage.


When I returned back to my sister’s home, the following day or so, I sat at their grand piano and began to get this SONG and it’s LYRICS. In my SPIRIT I could just picture BISHOP JAKES dancing ever so sensitvely and gracefully through every spiritual STORM ….while  not being a whit MOVED….


ALSO…while this song is NOT as as RHYTHMIC as  BLACK GOSPEL or AFRICAN HERITAGE MUSIC STYLE, but is ” basic WESTERN EUROPEAN” worship culture,  I sensed that the IRONY would be that Bishop TD would most likely ‘TRULY GET IT” (it’s meaning)…Also, he would  NOT be opposed to Western European worship culture type songs…Plus he would fully IDENTIFY WITH  what the lyrics deeply  MEAN….And maybe would also like the contrast of diversity.

So I share it for you to try on..


©2003 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved

1.Why should I worry and why should I fear?

When I stay next to You, Lord, You draw me near

When I stand in Your presence, I’m safe in Your arms

‘Cause I’m dancing with You, Lord, in the midst of my storm.


2.Lord, I feel Your presence when I seek Your face

All my sins and my fears are washed away by Your grace

How can I worry or be filled with alarm

When I’m dancing with You, Lord, in the midst of my storm?



I’m dancing, I’m dancing, I’m dancing with You

I’m dancing, I’m dancing, I’m dancing with You,

Here in Your presence, I am safe from alarm

“Cause I’m dancing with Your, Lord, in the midst of my storm.

3. When evil surrounds me and pressures increase

I press into Your presence and find sweet relief

Your Glory surrounds me, I know I’m safe in Your arms

“Cause I’m dancing with You, Lord in the midst of my storm.

(C) 2003 Taveau D’Arcy All rights reserved.