(EVENTUALLY).Addressing the Lost Holy Spirit of POWER and MIGHT in the Modern Church

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PREQUEL DFW LEADER Finding: There are many dedicated CHURCH GOERS, MEMBERS and all races, worship music preferred various styles. YET, there are mega multiplied many MILLIONS, even BILLIONS who do not darken the door of ANY Fellowship, “Born Again,” or other religoius CHURCH. AND it is to THEM that WE feel duly called. SO if we assess our using THIS ROCK STYLE as GOD CALLED and VALID..then we also want to bless YOU and not accuse some of YOU for being stuck in a hymn book or using 20 minutes of worship (3 praise songs, and then we sit down). for WE fully believe that it is left up to YOU, how GOD is saying to do music, a host of other things, but as for US, DFW LEADER..we feel expressly SENT to use parts of THIS basically Western European deep ancestry music, but as well as ALL RACES, LEADER STYLES and VOLUMES.


Perhaps in EACH one of us “God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wordly wise”

NOTE: We’re not discussing ROCK WORSHIP and setting it up on any pedestal to make it more vailid than any other previous, current WORSHIP KIND. No, your writer friend understands and is simply putting forth IDEAS for PONDERING…and to remark using (assessed as) valid Ministry, BIble , Historical Church, valid points.



I CORINTHIANS 1:24 KJV “But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the POWER of God, and the wisdom of God.

JESUS CHRIST, was foretold in the book of Isaiah 11:2-3, as the Messiah, described in a certain distincitve, non beguiling manner. Verse 2 states that the Messiah would have the same 7 SPIRITS of HIS FATHER, the Living Creator GOD. Please note that the spirit of MIGHT is one of those seven wholly holy just leader spirits:

“And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and MIGHT, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord;

3 And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the Lord: and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears:

WE SUBMIT: IT’S NOT ABOUT THE ROCK WORSHIP STYLE, it’s actually about ministering the Living God’s HOLY SPIRIT OF MIGHT AND in this first part, we address BIBLE foundations:




SELAH: MAYBE the days in which we live, we find ourselves needing something more than just OURSELVES. During the heavy relentless pressure, discouragement, pressure to perform, to keep a certain living standard…to interact with many types of healthy and not so healthy RELATIONSIPS, the daily leader grind and many other real life issues… it’s even healthy to step away and find methods to DESTRESS and DETOX and DECLUTTER..(in my music words to enlist the aid of God’s Holy Spirit in DE-STRESS and EMPOWER. And, not only does pure, deep restful but also very loud, rhythmic and even repetitive (many praise choruses)…. can soothe, relieve, help to unwind, but added to this is something (Some One) SUPERNATURAL who is invisible, but PRESENT and if/when HE is appreciated, expected and ALLOWED to come to coat, to spiritually “COAT” the WORSHIP MUSIC with His PEACE, POWER and manifested PRESENCE…HE gives His Bride, the Church, even His covering”yoke breaking ANOINTING. ”



WITHIN God’s ANOINTING may be touches of His GLORY (abiding, dwelling in God’s invisible, deep, healing, refreshing, ANOINTED (free) presence peace, power). And when this happens, persons around the congregation, in a worship setting, cell or in a CAR can PERCEIVE and DISCERN and be AFFECTED by this “healing, resurrection power” and be touched, changed, healed and destressed…and TRANSFORMED in a deeper fear of the Lord, increased respect and REVERENCE…and/ or (in certain God graced spiritual climates) even JUMPSTARTED, HEALED and ENERGIZED by God’s amazing power (the ANOINTING) … and many may silently feel His touch…Many others might sense the power, presence of God a FILLING of an inner VOID..

NOTE: While this is not a FORMULA it may help to describe to those who are not used to this “Christian deep longer, kind of worship, the repetition of praise and worhsip choruses, (as I have been asked by Baptists on more than 1 occasion..WHY do “charismatics, Pentecostals” SING THE SAME WORDS OVER AND OVER…


REASON FOR DOING THAT: TO allow God’s Holy Spirit TIME to coat, cover, break off, break through, PEOPLE”S weary, tired, afraid, battle scarred, wounded, super stressed, addicted, ill, heavy HEARTS, EMOTIONS and ANGST RIDDEN WORRIED MINDS.


IN THE CASE of the the natural mortal battle combat ..there are historical BATTLE SONGS. And in the Church..from time to time, there are featured ANTHEMS. These each bosom to swell with pride, empowerment and/or to invoke patriotism, more commitment. Some bring up feelings of loyalty, devotion, even nationalism, patriotism. (Such as The Battle Hymn of the Republic: Mine eyes has seen the glory of the coming of the Lord..”)


PERHAPS the ENERGIZING spirit...the SPIRITUAL INVIGORATION…and something LOUDER, more FORCEFUL than our own worried MINDS, weak WILLS and/or EMOTIONS … plus seemingly the NEED to get LOST in something..other than the big confused US.


RIGHT NOW….BOOK OF FIRST CHURCH ACTS WORSHIP brimming full of “HOLY SPIRIT ANOINTING” may be dismissed,looked down on, even accused as (too) PENTECOSTAL..ALSO as “undignified” “overly emotional “and/or “out of our CONTROL”…AND in some groups it may be..but that is not reason to never research or for a short time to immerse yourself in it..and the evaluate.


DUE to the obvious national fact that “apostolic true pentescost” is dry and mentioned when it comes on the Church calendar, yet in methods which are way coated with tamed down tradition, and Bible doctrine confusion “the Book of Acts Holy Spirit deep experiences died with the first Church” …


IMPLIED meaning so that any outward expression is dubbed “overly extreme,” plus is very much suspect..and therefore avoided, in the mostly dainty, mostly unemotional, and surely dignified , modern day comforting, abiding formula, CHURCH.


YET at this same time, the world’s massively influential, TV, MEDIA , YOU TUBE huge mega millions of Google searches for each of the big ROCK STARS are viewed as CHOSEN to HERO ROLE MODEL, to in effect to bend and to SHAPE…. not just the non believer and the non church goer, but the CHURCH PARTICIPATING children through leadership.

YET, we fully recognize every God called minister’s right, clear need, by using whatever form of music worship( type, style, decorum, length, volume).. that the Lord reveals to them. Hence we are for each one having PERSONAL CHOICE.


AND it is due to the reason that I have been around all kinds of secular, worship music all of my life, (since the Beatles first came along), it is as if the LORD blessed and allowed me to be there to note, study and observe, taste, the major USA deep south popular SECULAR ROCK progression….from the mid 1960s..until when the traditional HYMNS changed into PRAISE CHORUSES and as a preachers’ kid who was challenged and changed by the USA grass roots culture of HARD, PROGRESSIVE ROCK, and who also was repeatedly imparted to AND changed by several of the USA WORSHIP real MOVES…



…including pentecostals, real prophetic clean fountainheads, and as a PROFESSIONAL KEYBOARDIST, TRAINERS, who has a keen ear and a discernment of spirits gift, I was also curious and enjoying learning..but then also keenly observed to see the over all affects of EACH type of music: SECULAR and CHRISTIAN WORSHIP…meaning.. on what my SPIRIT, HEART would witness to me as being OK from the LORD’S point of view or not. AND what was the overall AFFECTS on the gathered persons who were in large conference, concert kind of GROUPS.


END OF PART be continued..Coming PART 2 I will share about my own life, growing up when the Beatles first hit America, the “invention” of hard rock,and my first hand, whole life, CHRISTIAN MINISTRY and WORSHIP, EVOLUTION in the deep south USA..

TO BE CONTINUED..And I may not LOOK the HARD ROCK STEREOTYPE, but this HER has always been..but will qualify for the duly concerned …..